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"I encourage to come enjoy your very own Confident, Custom Creation in a Comfortable setting. Your hair will thank you for it. I look forward to getting to know you!"  ​      

Anita Hawke

 Anita Hawke has been licensed since 2006, the same year she moved to Florida from Idaho, to pursue her dream of creating healthy hair through the power of plants.

 At C4 Hair Design, Anita's intension is to provide you with the best possible service, while working exclusively with good for you products that maintain the health and integrity of the hair and scalp, throughout your entire visit.

 As a Hair Restoration & Replacement Specialist, Anita continues to attend regular events discussing hair loss, scalp care, how to start growing hair back, and what options are available when it won’t. She’s made certain to align herself with the healthiest hair companies & organizations around the world to provide you with the best service.

 Anita believes education is the key to success, and maintains staying up-to-date as a Brand Ambassador, and Elite Educator for Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions, as well as, Phyto/Subtil Botanical Hair Care & Colour. As an industry Educator Anita gets to pursue another passion... sharing what she loves & has learned with others in the industry so that they may also thrive. Often both in-and-out of state to do so, fulfilling her lifelong dream to travel. Anita has mastered the art of wet & dry hair cutting through years of dedicated practice, and loves styling hair for special occasions such as weddings, film, & photography when she's available to do so.

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