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Covid-19 Salon Guidelines

I want you know at C4 Hair Design, I take your safety and mine very seriously. With such uncertainty around COVID19, I am have to assume everyone is positive, and take all the precautions necessary to mitigate the risk of spread. While performing a service that I know brings you much joy and comfort. There are many new Universal Precautions that are unique to the present circumstances, that I will be implementing to enhance the existing infection control standards, and prevent community spread. 

Health: I ask that you please not schedule any service within 14 days of travel, feeling ill, showing any symptom of COVID19, or having been around someone that is symptomatic. Late cancellation or schedule change fees will be waived if you must cancel due to illness. 

Safety: Please come in freshly cleaned clothing when leaving the house, your workplace, or the gym prior to your visit. I ask that your hair be clean (shampooed) within 3 hours of your scheduled service, and dry. 

If you choose to change out of your shirt when you arrive, I will have a clear disposable bag available for you to store it in during your visit. 

I ask that you only bring your form of payment, phone, and any necessary essentials in with you. Please leave the big handbag at home, or in the car, if possible. 

Payments: Cashless payment is preferred, but not required..   

Masks: I will be wearing a CDC approved N95 mask through the entire service, and goggles when necessary. I ask that you please come wearing a CDC approved mask that secures over the ears only (C4 Hair Design will not be responsible for any damage to PPE). If you do not have one, or do not want to risk staining yours with color, I will have them available to you for $5. Please let me know when you pull up to bring one out to you. I will have disposable eye shields for those who would like one, or if the situation calls for it. 

Social Distancing: Upon arriving at A Suite Salon for your appointment, I ask that you please stay in your car, and text 561-440-4313 letting me know you have arrived. Please DO NOT CALL. When I am ready for you, I will open the main door to the building and let you in. I will call you if I cannot see your car. 

Please do not bring any additional guests with you, or schedule any supervised child’s visit at this moment. I must limit my space to just you and me. 

I know we’re going to be super excited to see each other, but I ask that there please no contact hugs or handshakes. However, air hugs and air handshakes are more than acceptable and appreciated! 

Hand Washing: Upon entering the building, I ask that you walk straight into C4 Hair Design's suite and wash your hands. Disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and sanitation wipes will be made readily available for you throughout your visit. I will immediately wash my hands after you are finished, and provide you with a clean robe prior to you having a seat. 

Items temporarily unavailable and disallowed: Magazines, books, newspapers, candy dishes, beverages, food, product testers, and samples. 

Some, or all of these initiatives and guidelines may only be temporary, but I ask that you please assume this will be the new norm for all your appointments moving forward until we know otherwise. I appreciate your efforts and patience as we both navigate these new safety practices moving forward.

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